RV Dealers Review Working with DP Ball Advertising

Many dealers we work with have decided to stick with DP Ball for decades. Others try new companies, but most return because of the superior results we produce along with the personal service we provide.

If you would like to team up with us, please complete the form at right. We would love to speak with you about the possibilities of setting your dealership out in front of the competition. We remain dedicated to working with only one dealership per market area. Some say that's crazy today, but we feel it's ethical and focused. We look forward to speaking with you about your dealership's specific needs, and how we might be able to help you reach more potential customers and increase sales.

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 We have worked with some dealers for 2 years or less, and others for decades. Find out how you can have a full service agency on your team to help you reach potential customers in the RV consumer market. 

RV Dealer working with DP Ball for 29 years

"DP Ball Advertising has positioned Chilhowee RV exactly where we want in the minds of our customers. Not only has Dan developed our unique selling statement, he has delivered substantial results for years. Thanks to Dan Ball, our sales records exceeded all other sales records of our last 35 years in business. It's a pleasure working with such a reputable and professional advertising agent. I can attest from past experience that getting with an advertising agent who understands the RV industry, is important, and they are few and far between. Fortunately, we have found a great one."

Leland Waggoner, Owner
Chilhowee RV Center - 29 Years
B&R Camper Sales, and The RV Parts House fully endorse DP Ball and Associates

"B&R Camper Sales, and The RV Parts House fully endorse DP Ball and Associates. We value them for their part of our successes during difficult times in the RV Industry! Dan Ball and his staff personally interact with each dealer as if they were part of our management team. We rely on DP Ball to keep our branded company names in front of quality prospects!"

Jeff Fisher Lt. Col.(ret), President/CEO
B&R Camper Sales, Inc. and The RV Parts House - 3 Years
Steve Bell, Owner of Bell Camper Sales

“I am as conservative and skeptical as they come when it comes good quality and effective marketing and advertising practices. For years I've been keeping an eye on the progress, success and longevity that DP Ball Advertising has had with so many RV Dealers throughout the country, so I thought it was time to join up with them and give them a try. Business has been great. We are emerging from the recent economic downturn with more sales than I thought possible. I give credit to DP Ball advertising for our new-found success. The marketing and advertising DP Ball Advertising has provided has been superb and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship together."

Steve Bell, Owner
Bell Camper Sales - 12 Years
Dana Drake, GM Dick Gore's RV World - working with DP Ball for 23 years

"The efficiency and customer service that DP Ball Advertising delivers is absolutely the best anyone could ask for. The response time, turnaround time, and attending to our every need instantaneously, far exceeds our expectations. This superior customer service beats all others, regardless of the industry."

Dana Drake
Dick Gore's RV World - 23 Years
Marlin Ingram, President - Marlin Ingram RV - working with DP Ball for 23 years

"We have been in the RV business and a RV dealer for decades. We have utilized D.P. Ball Advertising services for over 18 years now, and wish we would have found them sooner, so we could have worked with them since we opened our doors. DP Ball Advertising have provided us with the most effective advertising we have ever experienced. I can tell you that I am a very hard-nosed businessman when it comes to spending a dollar, so it is imperative to us that we receive the best results form the advertising to ensure that we will make the sales. No institutional advertising for us, just the results advertising that DP Ball Advertising has provided us all these years. I would not ever consider using anyone else to handle our advertising. I have tried a lot of different advertisers before DP Ball Advertising took over, and nobody even came close to delivering the results that they provide us."

Marlin Ingram
Marlin Ingram RV Center - 23 Years
Jeff Pilon, GM Rick's RV

"We started in March of 2016 with D.P. Ball Advertising services and so far they have lived up to everything they have claimed they said they could and would do for us. We were always compelled with their advertising messages we received through the mail over the years and finally thought we would give them a try. We are very pleased we did. Our internet leads have doubled and customer traffic and sales are much greater now than what they have been in previous years. They are one company that definitely practices what they preach. I will have to admit, I am always suspect when a company claims they can provide so much value, and deliver so much promise. But in this case, they have delivered what they said they would. I would highly recommend the marketing and advertising services of D.P. Ball Advertising if you are looking to improve the efficiency of your advertising."

Jeff Pilon, General Manager
Rick's RV Center - 2 Years
RV Dealer working with DP Ball for 23 years

"If all of our representatives and suppliers were half as attentive and responsive, it would make everything that much more efficient. The marketing and advertising knowledge and professionalism that DP Ball Advertising provides us has been very effective. We have been working together for years, and look forward to a very long and successful relationship together."

Richard Gore, Owner
Dick Gore's RV World - 23 Years
Mike Porter, Owner of Bluenose RV

"We've tried other advertising agencies. No one else compares to the performance that DP Ball Advertising provides!"

Mike Porter
Bluenose RV - 10 Years
Greg Renker of Guthy-Renker working with DP Ball for 30 years

"I have turned to Dan Ball for marketing input and ideas since we first started Guthy-Renker 30 years ago. He is a student of advertising, a master at selling and has a keen eye for pursuasion techniques and methods."

Greg Renker
Guthy-Renker - 30 years


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has been serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing since 1984. Founded by Daniel P. Ball, the company represents RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. We provide direct response advertising campaigns, media buying, scheduling and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues.  From concept through production and final placement, we offer creative services, printing, voice overs, audio and video recording. Search engine and social media marketing are coordinated for the biggest impact, and we provide website consultation, solutions and services.



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