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Review Management for RV Dealers
Clean Up Listings in Local Search

Make Sure Consumers Find the Right Information

Strong, positive reviews help your bottom line and your search engine ranking.

Clean Up Listings and Reviews

Do you want an easier way to manage reviews for your dealership? Have you seen you local listings on Yelp, Yellow Pages, City Search, Four Square, E Local, Topix, Tupelo, TomTom, Vote for the Best, and many more?

Review Management for RV Dealers
Using our dashboard you can manage all of your reviews in one place, or we handle it for you! Send review requests to smartphones via text, or send emails with a link to click. It's that simple. When reviews come in, you decide where they should be placed, and if there's an issue, you have 7 days to fix the problem and encourage a new review before it's posted!

Local Listing Information - Make Sure It's Correct!
You can't afford to miss a phone call because local listing services have the wrong information posted. Maybe it's the wrong address, or even the wrong business name. It happens again and again. It seems like every time you correct the information, you check back a couple months later to see it is still wrong. It may take weeks, or even months for changes to be applied. Once it's corrected, you find a couple of months later, it's all wrong again. Why? It seems you don't have control over your own information. Well - realistically you don't. Data aggregators scan the internet and information to listing sites from their databases, right or wrong. This overwrites your changes, and you have to start all over again. Considering there are over 100 listing sites to log in, verify and manage, some you know about and some you probably don't, it is quite time consuming to stay on top of this. 

Now you can manage it all from one place. Once you make the changes, they're locked in!

There are many solutions availble on how a business can manage their digital knowledge online. But is it the best way?

DP Ball Advertising - Cleanup Listings and Reviews

Clean Up Listings and Reviews

Find out if local listing sites have the right information about your dealership. Click on the button on the right. Simply enter your business name, address and local phone number and we will perform a live scan, for instant results.


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