Feb 062015

In this blog entry we will discuss three different techniques that will not only help the way you manage your social media, but increase it’s value and audience size. With less effort and a better understanding on the elements that guide social media, your company will have a more enhanced and up-to-date social media network.


Create a Schedule-

Have you ever been on a company’s social media and one week they seem to be very active and new information is spewing out like tennis balls at a batting cage? Where conversation between company and the audience is lively and active. Then you go on the same company social media the next week and it seems like the information has come to a halt, and no activity is occurring. This is a classic case of a poor social media schedule, if that company even has a schedule set up. The KEY behind a great social media network is a great schedule. A schedule is a simple list created that will keep your social media network alive, and never come to a sudden, random halt because the company is not updating information. A schedule like the following can help a company make sure they update and review their social media network on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


-Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

-Respond to any questions appropriate from audience in network

-Update/review any information


-Send automated updates for Twitter and Facebook

-Post new picture to Instagram


-Review networks, follow up


-Create new blogs

-Clean up and update all networks

A simple schedule such as this example can help a company maintain and update their social media network on a weekly basis. This way, their network will never seem like a ghost town and less effort is involved when the schedule is already set out in front of employees.


Collect Information

Every social media network has an audience with distinct traits and personalities. Granted, they are all in your network because they share the similarity of investing time/money into your business but they also enjoy different things. In order to cater to your entire audience, collect as much information as you can so that your company can include personalized content and hyper-target consumers. Not all social media networks are the same, so when you collect information, keep in mind what users are using each network for, and why. This way your company can determine what network to use for any certain campaigns you are running. It will be much easier to target which network will be the best for the desired outcome.


Share is More Than Once

The biggest fault in social media is to not share information more than once. When a well planned schedule is set into place, your company should share the same information up to three or four times weekly, on a set day and time. Doing this has been shown to double traffic and get more clicks than just sharing information one time. A lot of companies out there think that sharing the same content more than once is not something of value, when in reality it very much is. It is not considered spam to share the same info, as long as you have a good plan and set up to share the information periodically, and not too much in same day, week, etc. Now, we are not telling you to copy and paste the same content weekly or monthly, but create a new message with the same content. This way, it looks fresh but contains elements that you want to re-illiterate to any users who missed the previous post.  A good strategy to creating new messages is to keep it simple, title and link, as a question, build interest, and even share a quote. Trust me, when you review the sharing of your chosen content, you will see how your social media traffic can double, even triple!














Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.