Mar 302014

What Is It?

Retargeting is when a company can keep track of everyone who visits the website, then can advertise to them on any other website that they view as long as it is a sponsor of Google advertising. Think about it this way. Not everybody is going to visit your website and purchase items, they might browse and read on but they will not always leave the site with a purchase. Here is when retargeting comes into effect. The people who left your website site not buying anything can still see your company’s advertisements on other websites that they view simply because they visited your website. They will be reminded of your offers and might come back when ready to purchase. It is one of the most effective internet marketing techniques available.

How Does It Work?

Retargeting works by placing a JavaScript tag in the footer of your company’s website. This then allows for all of the people who view your site to be listed and places retargeting cookies in their browser. The retargeting vendor will show these retargeting ads to everyone who has visited your website. All websites that are sponsors of Google advertising will display your ads over and over to your audience. This allows for the customers who left without a purchase to be reminded of your company’s benefits and sales wherever they browse the web next.


Why Will Retargeting Be Effective For You?

All companies love making money, this marketing technique just so happens to contribute. Retargeting will allow for your company to be on top because it allows people to easily revisit and be reminded of your companies offers, sales, promotions, and seasonal specials. If your company offers items that cannot be purchased through an online shopping cart because the prices are too high, then retargeting will at least pull them back to your website, getting them to fill out information so you can send them emails and remind them of any specials. It allows for those window shoppers and impulse buyers to with just one simple click be brought back to your site and make a purchase. It is a great and effective marketing strategy where your company is gaining customers daily.



Daniel Ball (JR)

Attended high school in Madison, Ohio where I graduated in 2010. I enjoyed sports, fitness, and the company of friends as a teenager. About to graduate from Saint Leo University in Dade City Florida, I currently enjoy the same things as well as learning about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about advertising strategies to incorporate into social media is fascinating to look into.