Nov 142013

dpball From Dan Ball’s Desk . . .

TV Advertising

Recently I was speaking to a cable TV advertising account executive and she mentioned to me that she had an interesting conversation about our agency with a client of hers. He was inquiring regarding one of the RV dealers we represent. He confessed to her that no matter what time of day he is viewing television, Chilhowee RV always seems to have an ad running. This client, owner of a large auto dealer group with several franchises, had quite a budget for his own advertising, and was astounded by the number of commercials the RV dealer was running.

Know What Your Prospective Customers Are Watching

The account executive explained to the car dealer that our agency had been placing media this way for nearly 30 years for this RV dealer. “They know exactly where and what the dealership’s prospective RV customers, are watching and place their ads accordingly.”

You see, the car dealer being a prospective customer, was watching all the programming that Chilhowee RV was advertising in, and knowing his own cost, thought the dealer must be spending 4 times what he was. Not the case. The auto dealer was the one spending 4 times more money.


Get the Most Value from Your Media Buys

Obviously the auto dealer is a great candidate to purchase an RV. We can determine that by his viewing habits. This illustrates that if you aren’t strategically placing your media buys to get the most value, and the biggest impact, your dealership could be losing out. This means reaching the right prospective customers. Now, this auto dealer hasn’t purchased an RV yet. But I’m quite certain that when he does take that step, Chilhowee RV will be on the receiving end of another RV purchase.

Target Your Specific TV Audience

Conclusion? Target your specific TV audience. Buy media accordingly. And, take advantage of the best value by buying early. If you have doubts, or need help evaluating your market, contact me and we can discuss how to get the biggest impact from your advertising for the best return on your advertising investment.


Dan Ball