Oct 042015

Around 2.5 billion people have smartphones today, with an estimated 6 billion having one by the year 2020. This staggering number of smartphone users show how marketing catered towards the mobile platform is growing fast. Companies today should ask themselves what their approach to reach their target audience through a mobile device is, and what platforms and social media outlets they want to incorporate into this effort. Having a good strategy for best reaching your smartphone users should number one on the do list. There are a few key things to think about and utilize when planning your mobile marketing strategy.

How Do You Want to Be Seen

When developing a plan to create your companies mobile presence, the first step is to determine what kind of mobile platform best suites your brand and audience. Let’s say you gather some information on your audience and determine the majority of them are web browsers and usually go onto search engines to find their information. In this case, your company would be more adapt to creating a mobile optimized website, allowing this audience to do what they love doing, but on their mobile device. On the other hand, your audience may like to download and use applications on their smartphones. Instead of browsing through search engines and websites, they tend to download apps where they can do the same kinds of things. Your business should then look into developing a mobile app that will focus on the style of that particular audience. If you have a huge audience and such a wide range of users that you come to find half browse websites and the other half tend to use apps, then there is no harm in having both a mobile optimized website and a mobile app.


Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way for your company to market its app and gather more users. A quick and efficient way to gather more followers and downloaders of your app can be from the social media platforms that you utilize. Have a plan and call to action ready to go, and get on social media to build a strong online presence. When people see that your business is inclined to the social media world, this gives them more incentive to browse your mobile optimized website, or download your mobile app. Social media can also give your company insight on the latest trends and consumer wants, something very vital that can allow for your company to adapt to.



Know Your Surroundings

It is not a secret that mobile marketing is huge concept in today’s marketing world. Therefore it can be seen that all of your competition is taking note of this too. They are developing apps and mobile optimized websites as well to gain exposure in the mobile world. A good thing for your company to do would be to check out all that your competition has to offer. Download their apps and browse their mobile websites. This gives your company an idea of what they are doing, how they are using mobile and social media platforms, and how well it is working. Going into the mobile marketing world blindly is a risk that could end up in total success or total failure. Having some great insight on how other successful or unsuccessful businesses are using their mobile marketing platforms helps your company identify what you should do and what you should not do. Why take a chance at making a wrong choice when you can find what has not worked for others, totally avoiding the wrong choice altogether. Finding what does work and placing that into your companies mobile marketing strategy will greatly benefit your success. Don’t settle for being just as good as the competition, strive to be better.


Mobile App Marketing Automation and App Store Optimization

When dealing with applications on smartphones and how they get placed into the App store, sometimes your app will not rise to the ranks your were hoping for. A great tool for your company to utilize when trying to gain more users is the app store optimization. Granted, a specialist will be needed for an area like this, but the benefits of climbing the ranks and maintaining a good spot in the App store will play a crucial role in how well your app will do. When dealing with mobile app marketing automation, there are different areas that come into play that had not on the regular web. Because applications are mainly for consumers, the mobile app automation deals specifically with engagement, lifetime value and retention. This is why your business needs to incorporate solutions for marketing automation that are developed and designed specifically for mobile.


Mobile Marketing is the most relevant way to market in today’s world of smartphone users. In a lot of places across the world, smartphones substitute for a persons personal computer. Being mobile marketing inclined and having proper strategies in place will help your company in the long run with all of its mobile marketing desires. Hopefully your company will take into consideration these tips to help better your business in the mobile marketing world.




Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.





Sep 192015

It’s a digital age and the need to understand how people use technology is a must. Especially for a marketer in today’s world it is vital that they understand how people are correlating with the technology they use. Digital marketing experts and specialists have been around for quite a while, helping businesses with trying to understand and market accordingly to the current age. On the other hand, these specialists cannot fully understand the high tech technology like marketing technologists do. Companies and marketing agencies are starting to hire marketing technologists these days in order to get the upper hand. In this post we will talk further about marketing technologists and the benefits they provide.


Turning data into information

Marketing technologists are important in the industry because they provide companies with the proper tools and technology needed to run an effective marketing network. They are the engineers of the advertising world, but also implement their marketing knowledge into helping run and maintain an advertising campaign. Using their technology, they find and monitor various marketing software products which they can then narrow down to choosing the best fit for the company or agency they are working with. Once they have found the best software, they use their skills to monitor and run the software accordingly making sure its up to speed. The great thing about marketing technologists is that once they acquire and gather data, they then use the data to provide the company with information which will give them useful knowledge for making sure their marketing techniques are up to par.






They have the credentials

For most digital marketing experts, it is a title that requires no degree, no certification, and possibly no prior experience in the field. There are many successful marketing experts out there who do not have these certifications, but then again they are not as tech savvy as a marketing technologist. The very technologically inclined marketing technologist is a title that requires a degree and certifications in order to become one. With these certifications, a company or agency knows that this person is well qualified and knows what he/she is doing. This can be very relieving for a company that needs help in the marketing department and needs someone with the right qualifications. Sometimes hiring a digital marketing expert may not produce the desired results the company was looking for and needed in order to accomplish their goals. While marketing technologist have the proven ability to get the job done, they are becoming the future of digital marketing.


3 for 1

The idea that you can hire a marketing technologist and get a developer, SEO guru and digital marketing specialist all in one is almost too good to be true. This is the case though, and many companies see the potential for hiring one instead of hiring a bunch of people to accomplish something that just one could do. The benefit of a marketing technologist is that they will create a loosely structured partnership with an agency or company that will give them the hands on support they need. This will give the company access to a developer, SEO guru and digital marketing specialist just by communicating and working with the marketing technologist. The technologist will relay all findings, information and data to the senior management of the company in order for them to get the full picture of what is going on with the project at hand. They have been in the industry and understand how to effectively work with an agency. Therefore, hiring a marketing technologist provides great benefits and the keys to improving a marketing department.




Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.






Jan 292015

The human brain is programmed to move its eyes in specific locations before looking at anything else. Certain things will “pop” out and catch the eyes attention. In marketing, understand how the human eye navigates on the web is very valuable for trying to capture an audience’s attention. We will discuss a few tips and tricks on where to put advertising and call-to-action buttons to get the most use out of them just from knowing where the eyes will travel to first on your webpage.


Where Will The Eye Look First?


The eye navigates like it has been programmed to and will move how it has been taught. The first place the eye immediately will look at when you first click on a website is the center of the page. It may only stay on here for a few seconds before moving, but always the eye is focused on the center before anything else. This can be shown through much research on eye movement patterns throughout the years. The next place the eye will look is in the upper left hand corner of the webpage. This is the area where a websites logo usually is placed. The eyes have been trained to naturally look from the left, to the right because that is how we have been taught to read and navigate through various information.




Where to Put Information on Your Webpage


Now that we know how the human eyes navigate on a webpage, we can determine the best areas to put the most valuable information and the areas where lesser valuable (but necessary) information should be placed. The call-t0-action button as well as the offer should be placed in the center of the webpage above the top half, or in the top left corner. Because the offer and call-to-action button are the most crucial and valuable assets of your company’s website, these should be placed in those locations. Doing this will catch the users attention first, and make your marketing efforts successful. Also, it has been shown through research that the human images on your website will always capture the users attention as we naturally identify with a human’s face before reading text. If the hero shot is in the center of the page looking to the upper left corner at the call-to-action button, this has been said to be the most effective of all.

Another great tool is to make the button text actionable. Strong words such as “Buy, Download, Get” and pairing them together with a sense of urgency will be highly effective in what the user will do next. If there is a sense of urgency paired with the action button, they will know what to expect after they click on the button.

Also, you should always try and label your images on a webpage to maximize the image impact. It has been shown through research that users will recall the image text almost 100% of the time.

Do not loosen up the writing on your page, keep it tight and divide it by subheadings or indents. It has also been shown through eye tracking studies that people have better recall when writing is tighter.

Finally, place the hero shot in the center of the webpage. The hero shot is basically the main image that you want to pop out to the user. This image will most likely be the largest image on the page. If in the center, the human eye will notice it first. As mentioned before, if your hero shot is a person looking up the the left, the human eye will notice where they are looking and look in the same direction. If the call-to-action button and offer is in this location, the person will most likely click on the offer or at least recall it for future reference.


When you first glanced at this blog what did you notice first? Was it the center image?





Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.


Oct 132014

Benefits of Enhanced Campaigns-

In today’s world, people are constantly switching between devices throughout the day. Imagine being able to choose what platform your advertisements display on, during what time of the day they do, and to what specific audience will view them.  Adwords enhanced campaigns let the user choose when, where, and on what platform their advertisements will show on. Within one specific campaign a person can easily manage the target audience, bidding, and type of ads for each different platform. With enhanced campaigns, you do not need to create a separate campaign for each device the ad displays on. Enhanced campaigns contain powerful advertising tools, smarter ads optimized for user context, and advanced reports to measure conversion types.



Powerful Advertising Tools-

When creating an enhanced campaign, the different types of ads will be able to run on multiple devices. The  tools allow you to create specific text or extensions to capture the attention of customers depending on what device they are using.  For users using a desktop or tablet, you can create text and content catered for these kinds of platforms. For users on a mobile device, you can create specific text and content designed for mobile phone platforms. Another great feature of enhanced campaigns is being able to have more control and reporting of call extensions, app extensions, and sitelink extensions. With these upgraded extensions, you can schedule extensions, select mobile-preferred sitelinks and call extensions, keep extension history, and monitor each extensions performance.



With an enhanced campaign, setting bids can be important when dealing with when, where, and how your ad is shown. If your company is more interested in people viewing your ad from their mobile device, you can set bid adjustments that will allow users to see the ad on their mobile device during a specific day and time. While bidding is a valuable tool for the enhanced campaign, reporting is also important. Enhanced campaigns give a person the ability to track new conversion types such as calls and digital downloads.


Oct 062014

Set Up Your Account

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that can give detailed statistics on a website’s traffic and measure conversions and sales. This tool is vital because it is a free service provided by Google and can be monitored by the company as well as any provider granted access to the account. A provider may perform services such as website development, hosting, SEO, maintenance and marketing services. As a business owner or the head of a company, it is important that you set up an account to maintain all of the information that Google Analytics provides for your website(s). Setting up the initial account will let a company be able to delete old providers while keeping all previous data, and add new providers by granting them admin access to the companies account.

google analytics


What Could Happen If You Don’t Manage Your Account

Let’s say a company hires a provider to monitor their website and create a Google Analytics account for the site. All of the data being stored onto that account was created under the provider. After a few years the company finds a better provider and switches over to this provider. In the case that the old provider deletes the account because they created it, all data, statistics, and measurements for the companies website has been lost. If the company would have originally created the Google Analytics account themselves, and gave the first provider admin access, they could have simply deleted the first provider when they switched over to the new one and kept all of the data they would have lost. In this way the business has a true comparison of how their website performed under the different providers they have utilized. Truly comparing apples to apples.


Some Play Nice, Some Do Not

In the previous section we discussed how a company who does not create their own account could have all data lost when switching providers. If a company did not set up their account, this means that they do not have control over it. The provider who created the account has all control and can either delete all data, hand the account over to the next provider, or try and get money for information. Either way, the people with control over the account can either decide to play nice or not. In the case where the provider does not play nice, all of the data and measurements saved up over the years would be lost when the provider deletes the account. Thus, the importance of a company simply creating their own Google Analytics account cannot be more valuable in the transition of providers. The company will not have to deal with a situation where their data would be erased forever because they handle who is on the account.


It’s Easier than You Think

For whatever reason, a lot of companies out there forego creating a Google Analytics account and leave it up to the provider developing their website. Starting an account is a fairly simple process and once a company does this, they have total control over their analytics and who gets to administer their account. Once a company starts their account, they can add an agency or provider who knows a thing or two about analytics and let them handle certain things on the account. Simply creating your own account can save you the hardship of losing valuable data and will only help your business in the long run.

Sep 092014

The Trifecta-

It can be said that in today’s strong and continuously growing online presence that good content is pushed through social media to convey a certain message that engages users through good PR and online distribution. The first of the three vital components to this trifecta is high quality content that contains elements specific to the needs of your companies targeted audience. That high quality content is then pushed in numerous ways through social marketing that will keep users active and constantly updated. The final component of targeted online PR will not only let your company focus on building its brand, but also build a strong relationship with customers and followers.



Creating content based on what kind of message you want to convey to your audience is the most crucial part of the process. By creating powerful content that will communicate with customers and prospects, your company can deliver valuable information that will build relationships and a maintain a strong presence in the media world. The most common mistake businesses tend to make when developing content is to try and cater to everyone and create content relateable to a wide majority of people. Knowing who your audience is and what kind of personalities will be viewing your content helps when creating content. Instead of catering the content to everyone, simply make your companies content specific to the targeted audience. This way, a company can sculpt its message relating to the persona of the audience and base content on things such as age, job description, goals, hobbies, habits, how they use the internet, and other elements that will draw in a specific intended crowd. Once this content is up to par and crafted to the highest quality relating to your company, move on to step two and push it through social marketing.

Social Marketing-

With social media marketing being the focus of most major companies these days, it cannot be more helpful than to have a strong social media presence and know the tricks of the trade. With great original content and the right kind of distribution a company can convey its message and build strong relationships with a huge network of followers. For each intended network that your company plans to share its content on, create a plan for each network and base the content shared off of what kind of audience will be on each. The company should first ask itself what the goal of the social media channel is, then decide what actions they want the audience to take. After that is decided, create content that is specific to the type of channel being used. Once the company has the right content for each channel, choose a specific tone that would be appropriate for the type of network it is. The final step with sharing content through the channels is to determine how often the company will share information and engage with the audience. Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly depending on what kind of channel they decide to share content on. There are different tricks to getting content shared with your intended audience on social media. One of them is to keep your content on sites like Twitter and Facebook short and sweet. The faster a person can read, interpret, and like your post, the faster they can share it through these outlets and lead them to your main website. Another tip to sharing content on social media is to keep it visual but make sure the images are simple while still capturing the audiences emotion. Knowing how to craft the right content for each channel and how to properly distribute them will help build a companies brand and reputation.

Targeted Online PR-

A huge advantage of social media is that it allows for you to have a two way discussion with people to help create a bond with them. Having this advantage can allow your company to make sure your customers are satisfied and content. Also, it allows you to target your audience so your discussions will be relevant and beneficial to both parties involved. Having satisfied customers will help your company maintain this relationship and help to improve the lifetime value of each. There are different things a company can do that will be vital to their online community where they distribute their content. A company should build and grow an authentic fan base, not focus on acquiring a huge number of people who lack value to the company. The company should build a high quality email list and tend to each contact over time to maintain that relationship. By targeting a smaller, passionate audience, a company will be able to convert at a higher percentage.