Jan 182015

Take the Time to Optimize your Google+ Page-

Many companies do not utilize the benefits of Google+ and understand why this is an SEO treasure chest. The first link posted on any Google+ page is a DoFollow link. This means that the first link which could be your companies website or social media links now passes “link equity” through the DoFollow link. Because DoFollow links work with PageRank and TrustRank, it will help determine how your company ranks for specific keywords.

If a company spends some quality time optimizing its Google+ page they can gain promising benefits and SEO success. The SEO title should always be the name of a companies business, if a company tries adding other keywords into the title it becomes of little SEO value. The next step in optimizing a companies page is to implement the custom URL to the profile. In the link box in Google+ a company can add their custom page URL along with any other social media links that they want to include on their page.

The other big tool in optimizing the Google+ profile is to set up your SEO Meta Description in 160 characters. There will be a tagline and introduction that will be combined together. It is vital to include two or more of your companies target SEO keywords into the tagline or introduction.

Google+ authorship is another key in optimizing your profile as well as helping your ranking. Without Google + authorship on your profile, a company can lose link equity and SEO. One way of adding Google+ authorship to claim your content is to add your matching email to your domain in the Google+ Authorship page. The other way is to add a Google+ link in the author bio of any website that you or your company writes for.


Create Content for your Google+ Page-

Developing content for a companies Google+ page is essential because good content is what will gain followers and subscribers. There are simple steps to how to properly create and share content on your Google+ page. Whenever you share a post where you are linking to content, include a short description of the content.

When you are creating a share, put the link of the content into the Attachment box, and not the summary box. By doing this you will gain the DoFollow link and SEO benefit. Make sure to share the content with your existing circles and check the box that will allow you to email the Google+ update to your circles if it is something specific a circle would like.  At the end of the day, content is king.



Analyze Your Page-

When your company finishes optimizing and creating content for its Google+ page, it is time to track the results. An easy way to track results that allow you to see what is working and what is not is to first assign each Google + link a URL. By doing this, you can now track the results weekly in Google Analytics.

Google+ can help your company increase its SEO ranking. Take advantage of Google+ if you want a strong following online and want to build a strong online community.



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Oct 062014

Set Up Your Account

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that can give detailed statistics on a website’s traffic and measure conversions and sales. This tool is vital because it is a free service provided by Google and can be monitored by the company as well as any provider granted access to the account. A provider may perform services such as website development, hosting, SEO, maintenance and marketing services. As a business owner or the head of a company, it is important that you set up an account to maintain all of the information that Google Analytics provides for your website(s). Setting up the initial account will let a company be able to delete old providers while keeping all previous data, and add new providers by granting them admin access to the companies account.

google analytics


What Could Happen If You Don’t Manage Your Account

Let’s say a company hires a provider to monitor their website and create a Google Analytics account for the site. All of the data being stored onto that account was created under the provider. After a few years the company finds a better provider and switches over to this provider. In the case that the old provider deletes the account because they created it, all data, statistics, and measurements for the companies website has been lost. If the company would have originally created the Google Analytics account themselves, and gave the first provider admin access, they could have simply deleted the first provider when they switched over to the new one and kept all of the data they would have lost. In this way the business has a true comparison of how their website performed under the different providers they have utilized. Truly comparing apples to apples.


Some Play Nice, Some Do Not

In the previous section we discussed how a company who does not create their own account could have all data lost when switching providers. If a company did not set up their account, this means that they do not have control over it. The provider who created the account has all control and can either delete all data, hand the account over to the next provider, or try and get money for information. Either way, the people with control over the account can either decide to play nice or not. In the case where the provider does not play nice, all of the data and measurements saved up over the years would be lost when the provider deletes the account. Thus, the importance of a company simply creating their own Google Analytics account cannot be more valuable in the transition of providers. The company will not have to deal with a situation where their data would be erased forever because they handle who is on the account.


It’s Easier than You Think

For whatever reason, a lot of companies out there forego creating a Google Analytics account and leave it up to the provider developing their website. Starting an account is a fairly simple process and once a company does this, they have total control over their analytics and who gets to administer their account. Once a company starts their account, they can add an agency or provider who knows a thing or two about analytics and let them handle certain things on the account. Simply creating your own account can save you the hardship of losing valuable data and will only help your business in the long run.