Oct 132014

Benefits of Enhanced Campaigns-

In today’s world, people are constantly switching between devices throughout the day. Imagine being able to choose what platform your advertisements display on, during what time of the day they do, and to what specific audience will view them.  Adwords enhanced campaigns let the user choose when, where, and on what platform their advertisements will show on. Within one specific campaign a person can easily manage the target audience, bidding, and type of ads for each different platform. With enhanced campaigns, you do not need to create a separate campaign for each device the ad displays on. Enhanced campaigns contain powerful advertising tools, smarter ads optimized for user context, and advanced reports to measure conversion types.



Powerful Advertising Tools-

When creating an enhanced campaign, the different types of ads will be able to run on multiple devices. The  tools allow you to create specific text or extensions to capture the attention of customers depending on what device they are using.  For users using a desktop or tablet, you can create text and content catered for these kinds of platforms. For users on a mobile device, you can create specific text and content designed for mobile phone platforms. Another great feature of enhanced campaigns is being able to have more control and reporting of call extensions, app extensions, and sitelink extensions. With these upgraded extensions, you can schedule extensions, select mobile-preferred sitelinks and call extensions, keep extension history, and monitor each extensions performance.



With an enhanced campaign, setting bids can be important when dealing with when, where, and how your ad is shown. If your company is more interested in people viewing your ad from their mobile device, you can set bid adjustments that will allow users to see the ad on their mobile device during a specific day and time. While bidding is a valuable tool for the enhanced campaign, reporting is also important. Enhanced campaigns give a person the ability to track new conversion types such as calls and digital downloads.