Oct 042015

Around 2.5 billion people have smartphones today, with an estimated 6 billion having one by the year 2020. This staggering number of smartphone users show how marketing catered towards the mobile platform is growing fast. Companies today should ask themselves what their approach to reach their target audience through a mobile device is, and what platforms and social media outlets they want to incorporate into this effort. Having a good strategy for best reaching your smartphone users should number one on the do list. There are a few key things to think about and utilize when planning your mobile marketing strategy.

How Do You Want to Be Seen

When developing a plan to create your companies mobile presence, the first step is to determine what kind of mobile platform best suites your brand and audience. Let’s say you gather some information on your audience and determine the majority of them are web browsers and usually go onto search engines to find their information. In this case, your company would be more adapt to creating a mobile optimized website, allowing this audience to do what they love doing, but on their mobile device. On the other hand, your audience may like to download and use applications on their smartphones. Instead of browsing through search engines and websites, they tend to download apps where they can do the same kinds of things. Your business should then look into developing a mobile app that will focus on the style of that particular audience. If you have a huge audience and such a wide range of users that you come to find half browse websites and the other half tend to use apps, then there is no harm in having both a mobile optimized website and a mobile app.


Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way for your company to market its app and gather more users. A quick and efficient way to gather more followers and downloaders of your app can be from the social media platforms that you utilize. Have a plan and call to action ready to go, and get on social media to build a strong online presence. When people see that your business is inclined to the social media world, this gives them more incentive to browse your mobile optimized website, or download your mobile app. Social media can also give your company insight on the latest trends and consumer wants, something very vital that can allow for your company to adapt to.



Know Your Surroundings

It is not a secret that mobile marketing is huge concept in today’s marketing world. Therefore it can be seen that all of your competition is taking note of this too. They are developing apps and mobile optimized websites as well to gain exposure in the mobile world. A good thing for your company to do would be to check out all that your competition has to offer. Download their apps and browse their mobile websites. This gives your company an idea of what they are doing, how they are using mobile and social media platforms, and how well it is working. Going into the mobile marketing world blindly is a risk that could end up in total success or total failure. Having some great insight on how other successful or unsuccessful businesses are using their mobile marketing platforms helps your company identify what you should do and what you should not do. Why take a chance at making a wrong choice when you can find what has not worked for others, totally avoiding the wrong choice altogether. Finding what does work and placing that into your companies mobile marketing strategy will greatly benefit your success. Don’t settle for being just as good as the competition, strive to be better.


Mobile App Marketing Automation and App Store Optimization

When dealing with applications on smartphones and how they get placed into the App store, sometimes your app will not rise to the ranks your were hoping for. A great tool for your company to utilize when trying to gain more users is the app store optimization. Granted, a specialist will be needed for an area like this, but the benefits of climbing the ranks and maintaining a good spot in the App store will play a crucial role in how well your app will do. When dealing with mobile app marketing automation, there are different areas that come into play that had not on the regular web. Because applications are mainly for consumers, the mobile app automation deals specifically with engagement, lifetime value and retention. This is why your business needs to incorporate solutions for marketing automation that are developed and designed specifically for mobile.


Mobile Marketing is the most relevant way to market in today’s world of smartphone users. In a lot of places across the world, smartphones substitute for a persons personal computer. Being mobile marketing inclined and having proper strategies in place will help your company in the long run with all of its mobile marketing desires. Hopefully your company will take into consideration these tips to help better your business in the mobile marketing world.




Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.