Apr 302015

Is your brand one that stands out? Is it one that has evolved online with the newest technology?  Do people enjoy your ads and are they coming back for more? These are all questions that a company should ask itself when reviewing its online presence. The key to success through online marketing is based from rich media content and how users are interacting with it. Rich media content can be created and used in different ways.

Expandable Banners-

If your company is focusing on engaging users with advertisements, expandable banners can give you what you are looking for. These banners are a very rich form of media and can be very effective when users interact with them. The banners look just like regular static ads at first but once a person scrolls over one, it expands and hidden features are unlocked. Depending on what your company is targeting, you can include almost anything inside these banners that a user can engage with. Such as surveys, games, feeds, etc. When looking at statistics, it can be shown that expandable banners have more success than regular static ads. Thus, this rich media content will effectively engage users with your advertisement.


Use Flash-

When creating a content rich advertisement, implementing Flash  is a great way to get users to interact with the ad. The flash capabilities used can stretch from a simple animation to users being able to interact with the advertisement. When you include the use of moving designs elements, it can increase the effectiveness of the message your company is trying to get across. For example, if your company is promoting a baseball stadium, then the online banner could include baseballs being hit into the stands.  By being creative and adding Flash to your ad, your company can get much more out of its campaign.


Add Video to Your Banner-

Videos online are very rich in media content and will also help to engage an audience. These videos can be included into any 300 by 250 ad unit with no restrictions. That being said, anywhere a 300 by 250 static ad unit can be shown so can the video in banner ad. This will allow your company to get more of a message across to users as well. With a video, different promotions and testimonials can be shown that could not be shown on a static banner. The use of an in-banner video would be very effective with today’s online audience where the majority of people watch online videos/ads on a regular basis.



All of these different elements of rich media content will greatly help user engagement from the online community. The various media content your company creates can benefit the products or services you are advertising. Technology and online customs are changing at a fast pace, make sure your content does as well.





Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.


Apr 082015

What’s Trending?

A great way to understand what people are searching for on the web is to get a good idea of what is trending during that particular time period. People will mostly look up whatever is a big story in the news, on social media, and anything that goes viral. Doing this will help you find the keywords and topics that these people are including in their searches. If you are an advertiser, or you want to advertise your products/business, then knowing the most popular keywords at the time are important. This way, your company can advertise on the websites that are featuring these trending stories or popular news articles.










Be Resourceful

Take advantage of the different search engines that can provide you with access to the most popular keywords and trends. Such as Google Trends, this search engine database allows users to have full access to which keywords are most popular now, and in previous points in time. You can view the popular keywords and search topics in different regions, languages and categories. Google Trends also offers a list of what is trending now in Hot Searches. If your company is focusing on advertising or using other search engines for its purposes, then Bing Trends and Yahoo Buzz Log are like Google Trends, in that they allow you to see the top keyword searches and offer insights on the popular trends. Along with these, other search engines offer the same kind of service. Twitter Search can allow users to see what people are talking about on Twitter by hashtag, keyword, or even a username. Youtube Trends offers users access to what the most popular videos being searched are. Taking advantage of these tools will allow your company to be at the right place at the right time, to make sure as many people see your advertisements as possible.


Understand the Different Search Categories

Firstly, you should know the four different kinds of searches of a typical person browsing the web. These searches all fit into four different categories which are to find, learn, solve, and buy. These different intents will lead to separate search categories in which we will now discuss. The first intent (find) will lead the user into the category of a “navigational search”. The user in this case does not remember the specific URL, but is trying to find a specific website. For the SEO, your brand name and website name should be quickly and easily indexed by Google in order for the user to find your page. The next intent (learn) will lead into the category of “informational searches”. People will typically type in a random question into the search engine and will try and find out the answer. This is something that Google is fast, efficient, and effective at generating answers for. The next intent (solve) will lead to the category of “commercial investigation”. This is when a person is faced with a task of trying to find something or someone for service or assistance, like trying to find the best and affordable electrician around the area the person lives. They will open Google and search to try and find the best solution. The last intent (buy), leads into the category of “looking for a purchase.” When people are willing and ready to buy, they will browse the web for gifts, personal items, or gift ideas. If a person searches for “good present for mother’s birthday,” then those pages specific to those keywords will come up first. This is why you want to make sure your page is specific to keywords that people would look up based on your products/services.


Understanding how people search and use the web will help your company enormously with internet marketing and advertising. Take advantage of knowing the popular trends and keywords so you can build your webpages accordingly.




Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.




Feb 262015

Marketers and Advertisers know the importance and benefits that instant gratification has to offer. Any brand that wants to satisfy the desires of its customers know that instant gratification is a huge component of this. In this article we will talk about the different ways your company can include instant gratification to its websites and advertisements, and the benefits that follow.


Times are Changing

In today’s high tech, fast paced world, people do not want to wait around anymore on products or services. They want them then and there, the faster the better. If they get it when they want it, they will be satisfied and happy. If they have to wait for a long time, their happiness level goes down. With different brands building their images according to today’s society, they base most of the marketing around this, using instant gratification. This involves finding a way to market their products in a way where the customer feels they will get it delivered quickly. In this case, price plays a factor, but not a huge one. Customers are more concerned with the amount of time the product will ship, versus how much it will cost. If a person went onto a website where shoes were being sold, but it said delivery would take up to 7 business days and no other options were available, they most likely would find the same shoes on a different website. The other website might sell the shoes for $20 or $30 more, but if they can get them shipped within 3 days, they usually will not even second guess the price, but go with the faster option.


Integrate your Brand using Instant Gratification

Whatever product or service you may be selling, 9 times out of 10 someone else is selling the same product or service on a different website. When marketing your brand, focus on ways that your brand will be different than the rest. Generate ideas on how to make your brand and products more unique than the next companies. Instant gratification will help with this uniqueness, if you use it within your advertising. If people search for the product or service you offer, and see that you can deliver or provide it the fastest, they will purchase and most likely always purchase with your company from there on in.

For example,  remember the days when we used to have to drive to the video store to rent/purchase movies. Then along came Netflix, where you could order movies online and they would be sent to your house! The instant gratification of clicking on a film and it going into the inbox of movies to be shipped out to your home was enough for so many people to stop driving to the video store all together. So many people started doing this for the convenience which caused Blockbuster to go out of business, along with most of the other video store franchises. Granted, Netflix now does INSTANT video streaming for its members, making it the top provider of movies and tv shows in the world (at least in my opinion).  When people are able to have access to something that is instant, where they do not have to wait, they will feel the satisfaction of that. When people are inconvenienced with the burden of waiting, their satisfaction is not fulfilled, leaving them an unhappy consumer.


Ways to Incorporate Instant Gratification

When your company markets for its products online, there are some different ways of providing shoppers, users, and subscribers with instant gratification. One way to do this is to offer a free trial of your product or service. People love free things, and just the word alone will give them instant gratification once they click on the offer. As long as you have the resources to back up your free trial, then you are good to go, and you’ll be surprised with the amount of people who end up buying your product/service after the free trial ends. Another way to offer instant gratification is to include the amount of time in the advertisement, such as “LOSE UP TO 20 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS” when people see this kind of advertisement they think of the amount of time it usually takes to lose 20 pounds versus what your product claims. Because two weeks is a lot less than the normal amount of time it takes to lose the twenty pounds, you will have to test and confirm the results, then your claim will be valid and legally you can state them.  When dealing with shipping, it can be a big issue for an online shopper. A way to give the shopper instant gratification will be to include an offer saying something along the lines of “Order now- Will Ship the Next Business Day.” When people see this they get that sense of “the quicker the better” and will order simply based on time and convenience. While other websites may lack in this department and most product shipping orders will say “may take up to 3 business days to ship.” People will always go with the website that offers the fastest method, even if prices vary for the same product.





Instant Gratification can help boost your companies brand and offer people something they cannot get anywhere else. Take advantage of this marketing tool and watch your online business increase its business!






Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.



Feb 062015

In this blog entry we will discuss three different techniques that will not only help the way you manage your social media, but increase it’s value and audience size. With less effort and a better understanding on the elements that guide social media, your company will have a more enhanced and up-to-date social media network.


Create a Schedule-

Have you ever been on a company’s social media and one week they seem to be very active and new information is spewing out like tennis balls at a batting cage? Where conversation between company and the audience is lively and active. Then you go on the same company social media the next week and it seems like the information has come to a halt, and no activity is occurring. This is a classic case of a poor social media schedule, if that company even has a schedule set up. The KEY behind a great social media network is a great schedule. A schedule is a simple list created that will keep your social media network alive, and never come to a sudden, random halt because the company is not updating information. A schedule like the following can help a company make sure they update and review their social media network on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


-Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

-Respond to any questions appropriate from audience in network

-Update/review any information


-Send automated updates for Twitter and Facebook

-Post new picture to Instagram


-Review networks, follow up


-Create new blogs

-Clean up and update all networks

A simple schedule such as this example can help a company maintain and update their social media network on a weekly basis. This way, their network will never seem like a ghost town and less effort is involved when the schedule is already set out in front of employees.


Collect Information

Every social media network has an audience with distinct traits and personalities. Granted, they are all in your network because they share the similarity of investing time/money into your business but they also enjoy different things. In order to cater to your entire audience, collect as much information as you can so that your company can include personalized content and hyper-target consumers. Not all social media networks are the same, so when you collect information, keep in mind what users are using each network for, and why. This way your company can determine what network to use for any certain campaigns you are running. It will be much easier to target which network will be the best for the desired outcome.


Share is More Than Once

The biggest fault in social media is to not share information more than once. When a well planned schedule is set into place, your company should share the same information up to three or four times weekly, on a set day and time. Doing this has been shown to double traffic and get more clicks than just sharing information one time. A lot of companies out there think that sharing the same content more than once is not something of value, when in reality it very much is. It is not considered spam to share the same info, as long as you have a good plan and set up to share the information periodically, and not too much in same day, week, etc. Now, we are not telling you to copy and paste the same content weekly or monthly, but create a new message with the same content. This way, it looks fresh but contains elements that you want to re-illiterate to any users who missed the previous post.  A good strategy to creating new messages is to keep it simple, title and link, as a question, build interest, and even share a quote. Trust me, when you review the sharing of your chosen content, you will see how your social media traffic can double, even triple!














Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.


Jan 292015

The human brain is programmed to move its eyes in specific locations before looking at anything else. Certain things will “pop” out and catch the eyes attention. In marketing, understand how the human eye navigates on the web is very valuable for trying to capture an audience’s attention. We will discuss a few tips and tricks on where to put advertising and call-to-action buttons to get the most use out of them just from knowing where the eyes will travel to first on your webpage.


Where Will The Eye Look First?


The eye navigates like it has been programmed to and will move how it has been taught. The first place the eye immediately will look at when you first click on a website is the center of the page. It may only stay on here for a few seconds before moving, but always the eye is focused on the center before anything else. This can be shown through much research on eye movement patterns throughout the years. The next place the eye will look is in the upper left hand corner of the webpage. This is the area where a websites logo usually is placed. The eyes have been trained to naturally look from the left, to the right because that is how we have been taught to read and navigate through various information.




Where to Put Information on Your Webpage


Now that we know how the human eyes navigate on a webpage, we can determine the best areas to put the most valuable information and the areas where lesser valuable (but necessary) information should be placed. The call-t0-action button as well as the offer should be placed in the center of the webpage above the top half, or in the top left corner. Because the offer and call-to-action button are the most crucial and valuable assets of your company’s website, these should be placed in those locations. Doing this will catch the users attention first, and make your marketing efforts successful. Also, it has been shown through research that the human images on your website will always capture the users attention as we naturally identify with a human’s face before reading text. If the hero shot is in the center of the page looking to the upper left corner at the call-to-action button, this has been said to be the most effective of all.

Another great tool is to make the button text actionable. Strong words such as “Buy, Download, Get” and pairing them together with a sense of urgency will be highly effective in what the user will do next. If there is a sense of urgency paired with the action button, they will know what to expect after they click on the button.

Also, you should always try and label your images on a webpage to maximize the image impact. It has been shown through research that users will recall the image text almost 100% of the time.

Do not loosen up the writing on your page, keep it tight and divide it by subheadings or indents. It has also been shown through eye tracking studies that people have better recall when writing is tighter.

Finally, place the hero shot in the center of the webpage. The hero shot is basically the main image that you want to pop out to the user. This image will most likely be the largest image on the page. If in the center, the human eye will notice it first. As mentioned before, if your hero shot is a person looking up the the left, the human eye will notice where they are looking and look in the same direction. If the call-to-action button and offer is in this location, the person will most likely click on the offer or at least recall it for future reference.


When you first glanced at this blog what did you notice first? Was it the center image?





Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.


Jan 182015

Take the Time to Optimize your Google+ Page-

Many companies do not utilize the benefits of Google+ and understand why this is an SEO treasure chest. The first link posted on any Google+ page is a DoFollow link. This means that the first link which could be your companies website or social media links now passes “link equity” through the DoFollow link. Because DoFollow links work with PageRank and TrustRank, it will help determine how your company ranks for specific keywords.

If a company spends some quality time optimizing its Google+ page they can gain promising benefits and SEO success. The SEO title should always be the name of a companies business, if a company tries adding other keywords into the title it becomes of little SEO value. The next step in optimizing a companies page is to implement the custom URL to the profile. In the link box in Google+ a company can add their custom page URL along with any other social media links that they want to include on their page.

The other big tool in optimizing the Google+ profile is to set up your SEO Meta Description in 160 characters. There will be a tagline and introduction that will be combined together. It is vital to include two or more of your companies target SEO keywords into the tagline or introduction.

Google+ authorship is another key in optimizing your profile as well as helping your ranking. Without Google + authorship on your profile, a company can lose link equity and SEO. One way of adding Google+ authorship to claim your content is to add your matching email to your domain in the Google+ Authorship page. The other way is to add a Google+ link in the author bio of any website that you or your company writes for.


Create Content for your Google+ Page-

Developing content for a companies Google+ page is essential because good content is what will gain followers and subscribers. There are simple steps to how to properly create and share content on your Google+ page. Whenever you share a post where you are linking to content, include a short description of the content.

When you are creating a share, put the link of the content into the Attachment box, and not the summary box. By doing this you will gain the DoFollow link and SEO benefit. Make sure to share the content with your existing circles and check the box that will allow you to email the Google+ update to your circles if it is something specific a circle would like.  At the end of the day, content is king.



Analyze Your Page-

When your company finishes optimizing and creating content for its Google+ page, it is time to track the results. An easy way to track results that allow you to see what is working and what is not is to first assign each Google + link a URL. By doing this, you can now track the results weekly in Google Analytics.

Google+ can help your company increase its SEO ranking. Take advantage of Google+ if you want a strong following online and want to build a strong online community.



Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.


Nov 112014

What Type of Incentive Does You Target Audience Value? -

If your company is developing incentives for social media, it is important to make sure you understand your audience. Before developing ideas know who your target audience is and what they desire. Your incentive needs to be one that your followers cannot refuse and that is related to your product or service. There are many ways to track what your target audience is engaged in just by tracking their social media tendencies. On social media check their likes, hashtags, conversations, and what they retweet/repost. This way your company can get a feel of what they are interested in, basing your incentive around that.  If your target audience is very business savvy a good incentive would be a “free top of the line laptop” by entering or liking your offer. If your followers love to travel a great incentive that they could not refuse would be “enter to win a free trip to California or Hawaii” just by liking your Facebook page or following your Twitter account.


What is Your Mobile Strategy? -

Creating a social media campaign involves several elements. The strategy of any campaign is crucial because it determines what kind of outcome you expect or desire from developing it. First, choose what you want you desire from your social media campaign. Commonly businesses are looking to produce traffic, create a following, produce value, or produce interaction. The business will choose one of these tactics and develop a plan accordingly. Next, choose the type of content you want to create along with the platforms you should display them on. This can be done by finding out what your audience talks about, their personalities, and what interests them. Create content that relates to your target audience and find out on which social media platform they converse the most. May it be Facebook, create and display your content specifically for that. If your followers use and incorporate Twitter into their daily lives, develop content for them which they will find interesting and want to share with their peers.


How Are You Engaging With Your Loyal Customers? -

Every company needs to evaluate their job on engaging and interacting with their customers. Every customer counts as a loyal customer because they spent a certain amount of money on your product/service. A great system many companies use to increase their customer loyalty are reward points. This helps to let the customer feel appreciated and earn points for sticking with your business. You can set up your reward system however you feel necessary, but most offer some kind of free product or service once a customer reaches a certain amount of points. Another crucial element that increases customer loyalty is how your company interacts online through social media. Does your company answer customer questions online with a fast and human-like response? Does your company assist customers with troubleshooting through social media outlets? Does your company personally engage with your customers online? These are great questions that every company should look into and if they are doing these things effectively. Facts show that customers who engage with brands online report spending 20-40% more on that brand, or company’s products/services.



Is Referring Site Traffic Important to Your Brand? -

When a company looks at referring site traffic, they are simply looking at if their followers/customers are coming from their own means of advertising/social media outlets or if they are coming from direct links of other brands or websites. If referring site traffic can increase your customer sales, interaction, and allow your company to grow then it is an important tool you can focus on. It is not always easy to refer site traffic. Your company needs to develop great relationships and/or relate to other brands in order for them to post your links on their website(s). Referral traffic is beneficial because it increases the “page rank” of your website which can boost it in Google search results. Referral traffic also drives targeted visitors to your website which can increase revenues because they are more likely to buy your product or subscribe to your channel. If referral traffic is important to your brand, then develop a strategy on how to use it with your social media campaign. Your company can use a pay per click method as well, to send traffic to your social media outlets during your campaign.


Oct 132014

Benefits of Enhanced Campaigns-

In today’s world, people are constantly switching between devices throughout the day. Imagine being able to choose what platform your advertisements display on, during what time of the day they do, and to what specific audience will view them.  Adwords enhanced campaigns let the user choose when, where, and on what platform their advertisements will show on. Within one specific campaign a person can easily manage the target audience, bidding, and type of ads for each different platform. With enhanced campaigns, you do not need to create a separate campaign for each device the ad displays on. Enhanced campaigns contain powerful advertising tools, smarter ads optimized for user context, and advanced reports to measure conversion types.



Powerful Advertising Tools-

When creating an enhanced campaign, the different types of ads will be able to run on multiple devices. The  tools allow you to create specific text or extensions to capture the attention of customers depending on what device they are using.  For users using a desktop or tablet, you can create text and content catered for these kinds of platforms. For users on a mobile device, you can create specific text and content designed for mobile phone platforms. Another great feature of enhanced campaigns is being able to have more control and reporting of call extensions, app extensions, and sitelink extensions. With these upgraded extensions, you can schedule extensions, select mobile-preferred sitelinks and call extensions, keep extension history, and monitor each extensions performance.



With an enhanced campaign, setting bids can be important when dealing with when, where, and how your ad is shown. If your company is more interested in people viewing your ad from their mobile device, you can set bid adjustments that will allow users to see the ad on their mobile device during a specific day and time. While bidding is a valuable tool for the enhanced campaign, reporting is also important. Enhanced campaigns give a person the ability to track new conversion types such as calls and digital downloads.


Oct 132014

Detect and Prevent Click Fraud-


In last week’s blog we discussed click fraud and how it is a huge problem for companies advertising online with a pay per click in place. If your company is experiencing click fraud problems, there is a solution to get your PPC advertisements and website protected. There is software out there that will help companies detect and prevent click fraud from occurring. We will discuss in this review some of the different kinds of protection available to help track and monitor your PPC advertising.

1. VeriClix is a free software service that will detect and alert you to click fraud trends with real time reporting. VeriClix will also catalog all of the PPC traffic from multiple networks to a reporting area. The user will be able to log in, build reports, and compare clicks from all of the PPC networks.

2. Who’s Clicking Who is a click fraud prevention tool starting at $30 a month or $300 minimally per year. This service has superior fraud detection tools and has the ability to do something no other click fraud prevention service has advertised before. This service will send an annoying pop up to the fraudulent clicker’s end after five click reveal that he/she is not a consumer. This pop up is reported to be immune to pop up blockers and has been known to be the major reason why most users with this service have their fraudulent clicker’s back off. Although this fraud prevention tool is pricey, it will benefit your company in targeting the fraud preventing it from continuously occurring.

3.  AdWatcher is a click fraud detection and monitoring tool that is specifically designed to increase the ROI that businesses spend on their advertising campaigns. This software can detect an mitigate click fraud on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It can also help you improve conversion rates and manage and track all ad campaigns in one place. Visit their website to learn all about these features and what this software has to offer.

4. Click Tracks Pro is a click fraud protection software that can offer click fraud reports, funnel reports, a search engine report that maps keywords against cost and revenue, custom ROI analysis, track and monitor visitors, robot report, internal search analysis and many more special features. Not only does this software monitor and track click fraud but it allows your company to track, monitor, and record everything happening with your advertisements and website.


These services along with others out there will help a company to monitor, detect, prevent, and pursue any threat of click fraud so that money invested into their PPC advertising campaigns is not being wasted. Find the right kind of software that will work best for your business and get protected before your advertisements are targeted.

Oct 062014

Set Up Your Account

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that can give detailed statistics on a website’s traffic and measure conversions and sales. This tool is vital because it is a free service provided by Google and can be monitored by the company as well as any provider granted access to the account. A provider may perform services such as website development, hosting, SEO, maintenance and marketing services. As a business owner or the head of a company, it is important that you set up an account to maintain all of the information that Google Analytics provides for your website(s). Setting up the initial account will let a company be able to delete old providers while keeping all previous data, and add new providers by granting them admin access to the companies account.

google analytics


What Could Happen If You Don’t Manage Your Account

Let’s say a company hires a provider to monitor their website and create a Google Analytics account for the site. All of the data being stored onto that account was created under the provider. After a few years the company finds a better provider and switches over to this provider. In the case that the old provider deletes the account because they created it, all data, statistics, and measurements for the companies website has been lost. If the company would have originally created the Google Analytics account themselves, and gave the first provider admin access, they could have simply deleted the first provider when they switched over to the new one and kept all of the data they would have lost. In this way the business has a true comparison of how their website performed under the different providers they have utilized. Truly comparing apples to apples.


Some Play Nice, Some Do Not

In the previous section we discussed how a company who does not create their own account could have all data lost when switching providers. If a company did not set up their account, this means that they do not have control over it. The provider who created the account has all control and can either delete all data, hand the account over to the next provider, or try and get money for information. Either way, the people with control over the account can either decide to play nice or not. In the case where the provider does not play nice, all of the data and measurements saved up over the years would be lost when the provider deletes the account. Thus, the importance of a company simply creating their own Google Analytics account cannot be more valuable in the transition of providers. The company will not have to deal with a situation where their data would be erased forever because they handle who is on the account.


It’s Easier than You Think

For whatever reason, a lot of companies out there forego creating a Google Analytics account and leave it up to the provider developing their website. Starting an account is a fairly simple process and once a company does this, they have total control over their analytics and who gets to administer their account. Once a company starts their account, they can add an agency or provider who knows a thing or two about analytics and let them handle certain things on the account. Simply creating your own account can save you the hardship of losing valuable data and will only help your business in the long run.