Oct 132014

Detect and Prevent Click Fraud-


In last week’s blog we discussed click fraud and how it is a huge problem for companies advertising online with a pay per click in place. If your company is experiencing click fraud problems, there is a solution to get your PPC advertisements and website protected. There is software out there that will help companies detect and prevent click fraud from occurring. We will discuss in this review some of the different kinds of protection available to help track and monitor your PPC advertising.

1. VeriClix is a free software service that will detect and alert you to click fraud trends with real time reporting. VeriClix will also catalog all of the PPC traffic from multiple networks to a reporting area. The user will be able to log in, build reports, and compare clicks from all of the PPC networks.

2. Who’s Clicking Who is a click fraud prevention tool starting at $30 a month or $300 minimally per year. This service has superior fraud detection tools and has the ability to do something no other click fraud prevention service has advertised before. This service will send an annoying pop up to the fraudulent clicker’s end after five click reveal that he/she is not a consumer. This pop up is reported to be immune to pop up blockers and has been known to be the major reason why most users with this service have their fraudulent clicker’s back off. Although this fraud prevention tool is pricey, it will benefit your company in targeting the fraud preventing it from continuously occurring.

3.  AdWatcher is a click fraud detection and monitoring tool that is specifically designed to increase the ROI that businesses spend on their advertising campaigns. This software can detect an mitigate click fraud on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It can also help you improve conversion rates and manage and track all ad campaigns in one place. Visit their website to learn all about these features and what this software has to offer.

4. Click Tracks Pro is a click fraud protection software that can offer click fraud reports, funnel reports, a search engine report that maps keywords against cost and revenue, custom ROI analysis, track and monitor visitors, robot report, internal search analysis and many more special features. Not only does this software monitor and track click fraud but it allows your company to track, monitor, and record everything happening with your advertisements and website.


These services along with others out there will help a company to monitor, detect, prevent, and pursue any threat of click fraud so that money invested into their PPC advertising campaigns is not being wasted. Find the right kind of software that will work best for your business and get protected before your advertisements are targeted.

Sep 092014

The Trifecta-

It can be said that in today’s strong and continuously growing online presence that good content is pushed through social media to convey a certain message that engages users through good PR and online distribution. The first of the three vital components to this trifecta is high quality content that contains elements specific to the needs of your companies targeted audience. That high quality content is then pushed in numerous ways through social marketing that will keep users active and constantly updated. The final component of targeted online PR will not only let your company focus on building its brand, but also build a strong relationship with customers and followers.



Creating content based on what kind of message you want to convey to your audience is the most crucial part of the process. By creating powerful content that will communicate with customers and prospects, your company can deliver valuable information that will build relationships and a maintain a strong presence in the media world. The most common mistake businesses tend to make when developing content is to try and cater to everyone and create content relateable to a wide majority of people. Knowing who your audience is and what kind of personalities will be viewing your content helps when creating content. Instead of catering the content to everyone, simply make your companies content specific to the targeted audience. This way, a company can sculpt its message relating to the persona of the audience and base content on things such as age, job description, goals, hobbies, habits, how they use the internet, and other elements that will draw in a specific intended crowd. Once this content is up to par and crafted to the highest quality relating to your company, move on to step two and push it through social marketing.

Social Marketing-

With social media marketing being the focus of most major companies these days, it cannot be more helpful than to have a strong social media presence and know the tricks of the trade. With great original content and the right kind of distribution a company can convey its message and build strong relationships with a huge network of followers. For each intended network that your company plans to share its content on, create a plan for each network and base the content shared off of what kind of audience will be on each. The company should first ask itself what the goal of the social media channel is, then decide what actions they want the audience to take. After that is decided, create content that is specific to the type of channel being used. Once the company has the right content for each channel, choose a specific tone that would be appropriate for the type of network it is. The final step with sharing content through the channels is to determine how often the company will share information and engage with the audience. Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly depending on what kind of channel they decide to share content on. There are different tricks to getting content shared with your intended audience on social media. One of them is to keep your content on sites like Twitter and Facebook short and sweet. The faster a person can read, interpret, and like your post, the faster they can share it through these outlets and lead them to your main website. Another tip to sharing content on social media is to keep it visual but make sure the images are simple while still capturing the audiences emotion. Knowing how to craft the right content for each channel and how to properly distribute them will help build a companies brand and reputation.

Targeted Online PR-

A huge advantage of social media is that it allows for you to have a two way discussion with people to help create a bond with them. Having this advantage can allow your company to make sure your customers are satisfied and content. Also, it allows you to target your audience so your discussions will be relevant and beneficial to both parties involved. Having satisfied customers will help your company maintain this relationship and help to improve the lifetime value of each. There are different things a company can do that will be vital to their online community where they distribute their content. A company should build and grow an authentic fan base, not focus on acquiring a huge number of people who lack value to the company. The company should build a high quality email list and tend to each contact over time to maintain that relationship. By targeting a smaller, passionate audience, a company will be able to convert at a higher percentage.


Mar 302014

What Is It?

Retargeting is when a company can keep track of everyone who visits the website, then can advertise to them on any other website that they view as long as it is a sponsor of Google advertising. Think about it this way. Not everybody is going to visit your website and purchase items, they might browse and read on but they will not always leave the site with a purchase. Here is when retargeting comes into effect. The people who left your website site not buying anything can still see your company’s advertisements on other websites that they view simply because they visited your website. They will be reminded of your offers and might come back when ready to purchase. It is one of the most effective internet marketing techniques available.

How Does It Work?

Retargeting works by placing a JavaScript tag in the footer of your company’s website. This then allows for all of the people who view your site to be listed and places retargeting cookies in their browser. The retargeting vendor will show these retargeting ads to everyone who has visited your website. All websites that are sponsors of Google advertising will display your ads over and over to your audience. This allows for the customers who left without a purchase to be reminded of your company’s benefits and sales wherever they browse the web next.


Why Will Retargeting Be Effective For You?

All companies love making money, this marketing technique just so happens to contribute. Retargeting will allow for your company to be on top because it allows people to easily revisit and be reminded of your companies offers, sales, promotions, and seasonal specials. If your company offers items that cannot be purchased through an online shopping cart because the prices are too high, then retargeting will at least pull them back to your website, getting them to fill out information so you can send them emails and remind them of any specials. It allows for those window shoppers and impulse buyers to with just one simple click be brought back to your site and make a purchase. It is a great and effective marketing strategy where your company is gaining customers daily.



Daniel Ball (JR)

Attended high school in Madison, Ohio where I graduated in 2010. I enjoyed sports, fitness, and the company of friends as a teenager. About to graduate from Saint Leo University in Dade City Florida, I currently enjoy the same things as well as learning about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about advertising strategies to incorporate into social media is fascinating to look into.



Mar 302014

Why It’s Important-

Every website created that intends to promote a product or service should have calls to action that get the user to browse around and stay on the site. Its these calls to action that can make or break how effective your website environment is.

Create a Sense of Value-

Create a sense of value that you can showcase to the audience. Through price, features, and benefits you can showcase what the value is and why it will be useful for the customer. When a person sees the true value of the product you offer they will be more intrigued to click on your links, browse through your site, and look into what you have to offer. When your website creates a sense of connection between the users and the company people will feel welcome to stay and browse. This can be done easily, simply add a few pictures of your brand with a quote or statement that will grab the user’s attention where they feel connected to the product.

Create a Sense of Urgency-

Creating a sense of  urgency on your website will make the audience want to act immediately. Target those impulse buyers that feel the urge to buy now or else it’s too late.  Use key words like ” this sale ends today,” ”  Your last chance,” “one time deal,” “limited time only.” This will create a sense of urgency where people browsing your site will not want to miss our on that last opportunity. To really spark up a sense of urgency, you can throw in special promotions titled “Deal of a Lifetime,” or “Sale of the Century.” Experienced window shoppers and impulse buyers will be very intrigued by these deals and will be more likely to make that purchase of a lifetime.



Call to Action Buttons-

There are many different types of call to action button clicks used by websites. You will want to use buttons that will be ideal for your type of product or service. If you are selling a product, use buttons that make it easy and simple for the user to pay for that item such as the “add to cart” button or “buy now.” If you are offering a service then include buttons like “start your free trial,” or “click to learn more,” and “sign up today.” If your website is missing these kinds of calls to action buttons, it would be good to re-structure your website to where more users will be able to easily access information.

Prove your Company Confidence-

Another aspect of calls to action are that the confidence levels displayed on your company website that your customers will be able to determine. If your company claims to be the best at what it does then do not be afraid to show it. Create slogans and headlines that demonstrate your confidence and let the users know they are dealing with a company who is of value.

Use numbers-

As well as creating different buttons and special promotional statements, it is a good idea to use numbers. People love to see numbers when they matter. The more numbers that mean something to the user the more of a response your website will get. “25% off,” 50% off”  or “Buy 1 get 2 free” will generate more clicks and gain more sales for your company just through using simple numbers.


Testimonials are another great call to action that will get the customers excited to see others reactions to your company. Reviews are the high priority in many buyers minds when they are looking for a good investment. They want to utilize this free tool that will help them get a better sense of what others think of the product and the company. Good testimonials will let your company stand out and get positive responses your website users. It will not take much time to install calls to action into your website, the benefits of doing so  will show through the high amounts of valuable feedback your website will receive.


Daniel Ball (JR)

Attended high school in Madison, Ohio where I graduated in 2010. I enjoyed sports, fitness, and the company of friends as a teenager. About to graduate from Saint Leo University in Dade City Florida, I currently enjoy the same things as well as learning about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year  as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about advertising strategies to incorporate into social media is fascinating to look into.

Jan 212014

When You Run Your AdWords Remarketing Campaign You May Want to Consider Who is Viewing It – And, The Device They Are Using

Recently I was reading an article regarding creating dynamic ads in Google for your Remarketing ad campaign. It was right on the money, giving step by step instructions on how to create and place the ad for your dealership, but the author left out some important information that you really need to know.

I know a lot of dealers use these tools to create their own ad campaigns. There is nothing wrong with that if you have the budget and manpower to do it. However, before you move ahead there is something you need to consider. These ads are created in Flash when you use the Google template. If you own an iphone or an ipad, you know that these cannot be viewed without a third party app that doesn’t always perform well, and are at best cumbersome. 36% of RV consumers access RV dealership websites via mobile devices. The majority of those are iPhones and iPads. Because of the nature of Apple products being in a higher price range, these consumers are more likely to be those with more disposable income. Your exact target market.

56% of cellphone users own a smartphone. It is projected that figure will reach 64% by the end of 2014. That’s 160 million smartphone owners. Apple takes center stage with a 25% market share. 40 million smartphone users can’t see your Flash advertisement.

130 million people own tablets. The latest statistics show Amazon taking up 9.4% of the market, and Microsoft rising to 2.3% with their Surface, however Apple iPad remains at the top capturing 76.1% of browser activity. That’s down 1.3 percentage points since Christmas, but they are in no means losing their status at the top of the web browsing hill with over 98 million users. That’s 98 million users who can’t see your Flash ad.

In this case, Google is not your friend. They are banking on you not being technically savvy enough to know that even though they are asking you to create an ad viewable on a smartphone, it won’t be viewed on over 40 million of them. Nor those 98 million iPad users.

Adobe Flash Player notification on iphone and ipad

Nofication to install Adobe Flash

Solution: Dynamic ads are simply moving ads, and though it may not seem as hip, there are other technologies you can use.You can create your ads in GIF format if you have the software to do it.

Google requirements:
⦁    Animation length must be 30 seconds or shorter
⦁    Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds
⦁    Animated GIF ads must be 5 fps or slower

If you don’t know how to do this, or more importantly, do it well, the outcome can look like your 10 year old nephew did it back in 1994. My advice is to have your banner ads created by a professional. The cost far outweighs the loss in accessibility to your advertising by using the wrong technology. You also don’t want to look less than professional or project an image that you are not serious about the way your business communicates with potential customers.

Today, the tools are out there to ‘do-it-yourself’ when it comes to online advertising and marketing of your RV dealership. Just be sure you are aware of the limits of technology, because what you don’t know really can hurt you. Be smart, if you need help ask for it.

Dan Ball