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It’s a digital age and the need to understand how people use technology is a must. Especially for a marketer in today’s world it is vital that they understand how people are correlating with the technology they use. Digital marketing experts and specialists have been around for quite a while, helping businesses with trying to understand and market accordingly to the current age. On the other hand, these specialists cannot fully understand the high tech technology like marketing technologists do. Companies and marketing agencies are starting to hire marketing technologists these days in order to get the upper hand. In this post we will talk further about marketing technologists and the benefits they provide.


Turning data into information

Marketing technologists are important in the industry because they provide companies with the proper tools and technology needed to run an effective marketing network. They are the engineers of the advertising world, but also implement their marketing knowledge into helping run and maintain an advertising campaign. Using their technology, they find and monitor various marketing software products which they can then narrow down to choosing the best fit for the company or agency they are working with. Once they have found the best software, they use their skills to monitor and run the software accordingly making sure its up to speed. The great thing about marketing technologists is that once they acquire and gather data, they then use the data to provide the company with information which will give them useful knowledge for making sure their marketing techniques are up to par.






They have the credentials

For most digital marketing experts, it is a title that requires no degree, no certification, and possibly no prior experience in the field. There are many successful marketing experts out there who do not have these certifications, but then again they are not as tech savvy as a marketing technologist. The very technologically inclined marketing technologist is a title that requires a degree and certifications in order to become one. With these certifications, a company or agency knows that this person is well qualified and knows what he/she is doing. This can be very relieving for a company that needs help in the marketing department and needs someone with the right qualifications. Sometimes hiring a digital marketing expert may not produce the desired results the company was looking for and needed in order to accomplish their goals. While marketing technologist have the proven ability to get the job done, they are becoming the future of digital marketing.


3 for 1

The idea that you can hire a marketing technologist and get a developer, SEO guru and digital marketing specialist all in one is almost too good to be true. This is the case though, and many companies see the potential for hiring one instead of hiring a bunch of people to accomplish something that just one could do. The benefit of a marketing technologist is that they will create a loosely structured partnership with an agency or company that will give them the hands on support they need. This will give the company access to a developer, SEO guru and digital marketing specialist just by communicating and working with the marketing technologist. The technologist will relay all findings, information and data to the senior management of the company in order for them to get the full picture of what is going on with the project at hand. They have been in the industry and understand how to effectively work with an agency. Therefore, hiring a marketing technologist provides great benefits and the keys to improving a marketing department.




Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in  November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like   learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.






About the author

Daniel P Ball founded DP Ball Advertising in 1984 and has been working within the RV industry exclusively for nearly 30 years. Currently active in developing and implementing advertising and marketing campaigns including traditional and internet marketing media. Dan lives in Chardon, Ohio, has three children of whom two are in college and one in high school, and enjoys golf and fitness.