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Marketers and Advertisers know the importance and benefits that instant gratification has to offer. Any brand that wants to satisfy the desires of its customers know that instant gratification is a huge component of this. In this article we will talk about the different ways your company can include instant gratification to its websites and advertisements, and the benefits that follow.


Times are Changing

In today’s high tech, fast paced world, people do not want to wait around anymore on products or services. They want them then and there, the faster the better. If they get it when they want it, they will be satisfied and happy. If they have to wait for a long time, their happiness level goes down. With different brands building their images according to today’s society, they base most of the marketing around this, using instant gratification. This involves finding a way to market their products in a way where the customer feels they will get it delivered quickly. In this case, price plays a factor, but not a huge one. Customers are more concerned with the amount of time the product will ship, versus how much it will cost. If a person went onto a website where shoes were being sold, but it said delivery would take up to 7 business days and no other options were available, they most likely would find the same shoes on a different website. The other website might sell the shoes for $20 or $30 more, but if they can get them shipped within 3 days, they usually will not even second guess the price, but go with the faster option.


Integrate your Brand using Instant Gratification

Whatever product or service you may be selling, 9 times out of 10 someone else is selling the same product or service on a different website. When marketing your brand, focus on ways that your brand will be different than the rest. Generate ideas on how to make your brand and products more unique than the next companies. Instant gratification will help with this uniqueness, if you use it within your advertising. If people search for the product or service you offer, and see that you can deliver or provide it the fastest, they will purchase and most likely always purchase with your company from there on in.

For example,  remember the days when we used to have to drive to the video store to rent/purchase movies. Then along came Netflix, where you could order movies online and they would be sent to your house! The instant gratification of clicking on a film and it going into the inbox of movies to be shipped out to your home was enough for so many people to stop driving to the video store all together. So many people started doing this for the convenience which caused Blockbuster to go out of business, along with most of the other video store franchises. Granted, Netflix now does INSTANT video streaming for its members, making it the top provider of movies and tv shows in the world (at least in my opinion).  When people are able to have access to something that is instant, where they do not have to wait, they will feel the satisfaction of that. When people are inconvenienced with the burden of waiting, their satisfaction is not fulfilled, leaving them an unhappy consumer.


Ways to Incorporate Instant Gratification

When your company markets for its products online, there are some different ways of providing shoppers, users, and subscribers with instant gratification. One way to do this is to offer a free trial of your product or service. People love free things, and just the word alone will give them instant gratification once they click on the offer. As long as you have the resources to back up your free trial, then you are good to go, and you’ll be surprised with the amount of people who end up buying your product/service after the free trial ends. Another way to offer instant gratification is to include the amount of time in the advertisement, such as “LOSE UP TO 20 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS” when people see this kind of advertisement they think of the amount of time it usually takes to lose 20 pounds versus what your product claims. Because two weeks is a lot less than the normal amount of time it takes to lose the twenty pounds, you will have to test and confirm the results, then your claim will be valid and legally you can state them.  When dealing with shipping, it can be a big issue for an online shopper. A way to give the shopper instant gratification will be to include an offer saying something along the lines of “Order now- Will Ship the Next Business Day.” When people see this they get that sense of “the quicker the better” and will order simply based on time and convenience. While other websites may lack in this department and most product shipping orders will say “may take up to 3 business days to ship.” People will always go with the website that offers the fastest method, even if prices vary for the same product.





Instant Gratification can help boost your companies brand and offer people something they cannot get anywhere else. Take advantage of this marketing tool and watch your online business increase its business!






Daniel J. Ball (JR)

Graduated from Saint Leo University in November of 2014. Enjoys sports, fitness, and the company of good friends/family. I like learning and reporting about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is increasing year to year as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about popular and current advertising strategies to incorporate onto social media platforms is fascinating to look into and write articles on that can be used as informative tools for marketers and online advertisers.