Oct 132014

Benefits of Enhanced Campaigns-

In today’s world, people are constantly switching between devices throughout the day. Imagine being able to choose what platform your advertisements display on, during what time of the day they do, and to what specific audience will view them.  Adwords enhanced campaigns let the user choose when, where, and on what platform their advertisements will show on. Within one specific campaign a person can easily manage the target audience, bidding, and type of ads for each different platform. With enhanced campaigns, you do not need to create a separate campaign for each device the ad displays on. Enhanced campaigns contain powerful advertising tools, smarter ads optimized for user context, and advanced reports to measure conversion types.



Powerful Advertising Tools-

When creating an enhanced campaign, the different types of ads will be able to run on multiple devices. The  tools allow you to create specific text or extensions to capture the attention of customers depending on what device they are using.  For users using a desktop or tablet, you can create text and content catered for these kinds of platforms. For users on a mobile device, you can create specific text and content designed for mobile phone platforms. Another great feature of enhanced campaigns is being able to have more control and reporting of call extensions, app extensions, and sitelink extensions. With these upgraded extensions, you can schedule extensions, select mobile-preferred sitelinks and call extensions, keep extension history, and monitor each extensions performance.



With an enhanced campaign, setting bids can be important when dealing with when, where, and how your ad is shown. If your company is more interested in people viewing your ad from their mobile device, you can set bid adjustments that will allow users to see the ad on their mobile device during a specific day and time. While bidding is a valuable tool for the enhanced campaign, reporting is also important. Enhanced campaigns give a person the ability to track new conversion types such as calls and digital downloads.


Oct 132014

Detect and Prevent Click Fraud-


In last week’s blog we discussed click fraud and how it is a huge problem for companies advertising online with a pay per click in place. If your company is experiencing click fraud problems, there is a solution to get your PPC advertisements and website protected. There is software out there that will help companies detect and prevent click fraud from occurring. We will discuss in this review some of the different kinds of protection available to help track and monitor your PPC advertising.

1. VeriClix is a free software service that will detect and alert you to click fraud trends with real time reporting. VeriClix will also catalog all of the PPC traffic from multiple networks to a reporting area. The user will be able to log in, build reports, and compare clicks from all of the PPC networks.

2. Who’s Clicking Who is a click fraud prevention tool starting at $30 a month or $300 minimally per year. This service has superior fraud detection tools and has the ability to do something no other click fraud prevention service has advertised before. This service will send an annoying pop up to the fraudulent clicker’s end after five click reveal that he/she is not a consumer. This pop up is reported to be immune to pop up blockers and has been known to be the major reason why most users with this service have their fraudulent clicker’s back off. Although this fraud prevention tool is pricey, it will benefit your company in targeting the fraud preventing it from continuously occurring.

3.  AdWatcher is a click fraud detection and monitoring tool that is specifically designed to increase the ROI that businesses spend on their advertising campaigns. This software can detect an mitigate click fraud on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It can also help you improve conversion rates and manage and track all ad campaigns in one place. Visit their website to learn all about these features and what this software has to offer.

4. Click Tracks Pro is a click fraud protection software that can offer click fraud reports, funnel reports, a search engine report that maps keywords against cost and revenue, custom ROI analysis, track and monitor visitors, robot report, internal search analysis and many more special features. Not only does this software monitor and track click fraud but it allows your company to track, monitor, and record everything happening with your advertisements and website.


These services along with others out there will help a company to monitor, detect, prevent, and pursue any threat of click fraud so that money invested into their PPC advertising campaigns is not being wasted. Find the right kind of software that will work best for your business and get protected before your advertisements are targeted.

Oct 062014

Set Up Your Account

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that can give detailed statistics on a website’s traffic and measure conversions and sales. This tool is vital because it is a free service provided by Google and can be monitored by the company as well as any provider granted access to the account. A provider may perform services such as website development, hosting, SEO, maintenance and marketing services. As a business owner or the head of a company, it is important that you set up an account to maintain all of the information that Google Analytics provides for your website(s). Setting up the initial account will let a company be able to delete old providers while keeping all previous data, and add new providers by granting them admin access to the companies account.

google analytics


What Could Happen If You Don’t Manage Your Account

Let’s say a company hires a provider to monitor their website and create a Google Analytics account for the site. All of the data being stored onto that account was created under the provider. After a few years the company finds a better provider and switches over to this provider. In the case that the old provider deletes the account because they created it, all data, statistics, and measurements for the companies website has been lost. If the company would have originally created the Google Analytics account themselves, and gave the first provider admin access, they could have simply deleted the first provider when they switched over to the new one and kept all of the data they would have lost. In this way the business has a true comparison of how their website performed under the different providers they have utilized. Truly comparing apples to apples.


Some Play Nice, Some Do Not

In the previous section we discussed how a company who does not create their own account could have all data lost when switching providers. If a company did not set up their account, this means that they do not have control over it. The provider who created the account has all control and can either delete all data, hand the account over to the next provider, or try and get money for information. Either way, the people with control over the account can either decide to play nice or not. In the case where the provider does not play nice, all of the data and measurements saved up over the years would be lost when the provider deletes the account. Thus, the importance of a company simply creating their own Google Analytics account cannot be more valuable in the transition of providers. The company will not have to deal with a situation where their data would be erased forever because they handle who is on the account.


It’s Easier than You Think

For whatever reason, a lot of companies out there forego creating a Google Analytics account and leave it up to the provider developing their website. Starting an account is a fairly simple process and once a company does this, they have total control over their analytics and who gets to administer their account. Once a company starts their account, they can add an agency or provider who knows a thing or two about analytics and let them handle certain things on the account. Simply creating your own account can save you the hardship of losing valuable data and will only help your business in the long run.