Aug 112014

Lasting Impressions

First impressions can be everything. They determine whether a person will simply be attracted to your website, or leave because they are not. You want your audience to have a positive first experience when they view your site. Content is key and can range from a simple spelling error to the kinds of colors on the website. Do not make grammatical errors on the site, if users see this they will consider the site “sloppy” and end up dis-crediting your company. Also, cut to the chase when explaining what your company does and how they will benefit the audience. Too in-depth descriptions may not satisfy the audience when they want to be quickly and clearly informed. Simply give enough information that clearly captures the users attention and makes them want to further look into your company. A good business wants their website content to be well thought out, flow smoothly, and precise. This will make the audience come back especially if your website is constantly updating with new original content.

Original Content

High quality and original content is what makes the audience keep coming back to your website. Original content is great for search engine optimization and it is in high demand. There are different ways to get original content that will be effective on your website. Such as writing your own feature articles or paying someone to write exclusive new content.  Whoever is building the website for your company knows what the audience wants, base your content off of what they will be interested in viewing. Create original content in different ways through editorials, feature articles, reviews, announcements, interviews, news clips or stories, and even art galleries. Based on what kind of company you are, choose a few of these formats and start developing the original and unique content for them. Constantly updating and changing the content on your website will give you the lead over the competition.

Use Social Media to Push Content

Pushing your content on social media has a huge advantage because the company can choose a smaller highly targeted audience and share the most relevant content with them. This is made easy because of all of personal data and information each different social media network stores about its users. Once you create the original content for your website, it is easy to share and push this into the social media world. Through social media channels your content can promote your content and monitor the results. Based on the popularity of the content you push, you can choose the most popular items and promote them through ad units such as LinkedIn Sponsored updates and Facebook Promoted posts. This will give your business a chance to gain new visitors and leads while they interact with your content through social advertising.