Jul 222014


What Makes Up a Landing Page-

A landing page contains different elements that entice the user to engage in a transaction with your website. First, there is the USP, or unique selling proposition. In the USP there should be a main and supporting headline along with a backup statement and concluding argument.  Then you will want to include a picture or video of the product or offer. Next, you want to list all of the benefits that your customer will receive. After you list them, put detail behind them explaining the features of each. Then you will need to add the social aspect of the offer, and prove why other people have benefited from it. Finally you will need to install a CTA, or call to action. This is the final step of a landing page where the user clicks on the button to receive the offer, or maybe some kind of discount for the offer.


You Should Not Send Users to Your Homepage-

The traditional way of sending users to websites is to put them on the homepage. If you are trying to sell something, this may not be the best option for your company. A landing page directs visitor’s right to the offer, so they are there and ready to engage. Sending visitors to your homepage requires them to browse longer to try and find the offer. So why not use a landing page and send them right to it? The proof will be in the higher amount of sales.


The Benefits of Landing Pages-7TaorzGTA

With a landing page it will be easier to focus on what works and what does not. You can use the landing page to measure bounce rate, and if it does poorly then simply restructure the page until the rate improves. The landing page sends the visitor straight to the offer, and they will not have to mess with any links or tabs like they would on a homepage. Landing pages will in the long run increase sales revenue by turning visitors into leads through the focused pages. This then will cut the costs of advertising and decrease costs. At the end of the day, landing pages lets your company turn visitors into leads.


Focus On Design-

As well as key elements of a landing page it should have a clear and focused design for the best results. You want to make sure the landing page is visually appealing and simple to use. Because the page is primarily focused on turning visitors into leads, the content should be simple and easy to navigate. Make sure your page is up-to-date as well. Some visitors will not mind but the majority want to see a new up-to-date visually enticing page that they can trust. Also, make sure that your visitors understand what to do. Lay everything out for them in bullets with clear instructions on what to fill out and what to do after they fill the information out.