Mar 302014

Why It’s Important-

Every website created that intends to promote a product or service should have calls to action that get the user to browse around and stay on the site. Its these calls to action that can make or break how effective your website environment is.

Create a Sense of Value-

Create a sense of value that you can showcase to the audience. Through price, features, and benefits you can showcase what the value is and why it will be useful for the customer. When a person sees the true value of the product you offer they will be more intrigued to click on your links, browse through your site, and look into what you have to offer. When your website creates a sense of connection between the users and the company people will feel welcome to stay and browse. This can be done easily, simply add a few pictures of your brand with a quote or statement that will grab the user’s attention where they feel connected to the product.

Create a Sense of Urgency-

Creating a sense of  urgency on your website will make the audience want to act immediately. Target those impulse buyers that feel the urge to buy now or else it’s too late.  Use key words like ” this sale ends today,” ”  Your last chance,” “one time deal,” “limited time only.” This will create a sense of urgency where people browsing your site will not want to miss our on that last opportunity. To really spark up a sense of urgency, you can throw in special promotions titled “Deal of a Lifetime,” or “Sale of the Century.” Experienced window shoppers and impulse buyers will be very intrigued by these deals and will be more likely to make that purchase of a lifetime.



Call to Action Buttons-

There are many different types of call to action button clicks used by websites. You will want to use buttons that will be ideal for your type of product or service. If you are selling a product, use buttons that make it easy and simple for the user to pay for that item such as the “add to cart” button or “buy now.” If you are offering a service then include buttons like “start your free trial,” or “click to learn more,” and “sign up today.” If your website is missing these kinds of calls to action buttons, it would be good to re-structure your website to where more users will be able to easily access information.

Prove your Company Confidence-

Another aspect of calls to action are that the confidence levels displayed on your company website that your customers will be able to determine. If your company claims to be the best at what it does then do not be afraid to show it. Create slogans and headlines that demonstrate your confidence and let the users know they are dealing with a company who is of value.

Use numbers-

As well as creating different buttons and special promotional statements, it is a good idea to use numbers. People love to see numbers when they matter. The more numbers that mean something to the user the more of a response your website will get. “25% off,” 50% off”  or “Buy 1 get 2 free” will generate more clicks and gain more sales for your company just through using simple numbers.


Testimonials are another great call to action that will get the customers excited to see others reactions to your company. Reviews are the high priority in many buyers minds when they are looking for a good investment. They want to utilize this free tool that will help them get a better sense of what others think of the product and the company. Good testimonials will let your company stand out and get positive responses your website users. It will not take much time to install calls to action into your website, the benefits of doing so  will show through the high amounts of valuable feedback your website will receive.


Daniel Ball (JR)

Attended high school in Madison, Ohio where I graduated in 2010. I enjoyed sports, fitness, and the company of friends as a teenager. About to graduate from Saint Leo University in Dade City Florida, I currently enjoy the same things as well as learning about the changing landscape of marketing/advertising. Marketing via social media is  increasing year to year  as more people use social media on a daily basis. Learning about advertising strategies to incorporate into social media is fascinating to look into.

About the author

Daniel P Ball founded DP Ball Advertising in 1984 and has been working within the RV industry exclusively for nearly 30 years. Currently active in developing and implementing advertising and marketing campaigns including traditional and internet marketing media. Dan lives in Chardon, Ohio, has three children of whom two are in college and one in high school, and enjoys golf and fitness.