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What Makes DP Ball the Best Choice in
RV Advertising and Marketing?

DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has spent 33 years serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing. Founded in 1984 by Daniel P Ball, the company has served RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada, offering consultation, direct response advertising campaigns, media planning and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues as well as creative services and website development.

Increase your bottom line

Real Results!

Look Beyond the Numbers to See the Effectiveness of Your Marketing, Reflected in the Bottom Line Sales Results!

target your trafficREAL PLANNING

A well thought out, orchestrated and executed marketing and advertising program will deliver you the greatest return on your advertising dollars.

target your trafficREAL ADVERTISING

Large traffic numbers, impressions and click-throughs appear statistically impressive, but do not necessarily mean you are maximizing your advertising dollars. We can help you allocate a balanced advertising spend that reaches ALL of your potential customers in your market, not merely a portion of them.

target your trafficREAL RESULTS

Don't let statistics and numbers sway you into allocating the majority of your advertising budget into one area that doesn't produce results. Support your website with the most effective traditional marketing/advertising program possible. And make sure the dollars you are putting into digital marketing are performing at the highest level possible.

Ready to plan for 2017? we can orchestrate a schedule that will keep customers coming all year!


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Who Sees Your TV Ads?

DP Ball Advertising has been creating and executing RV sales events successfully for over 30 years. Some of our clients have been with us for decades!

Dealers today hire one person to handle all of their internet marketing and rely on TV, radio and print for creative. Their message fails to stand out, and it shows in their results. My team has from 4 years to over 33 years of experience working in the RV industry, while I personally handle media buying and oversee all professional production. Every project initiates from my desk. Combine that with 33 years of experience and you realize the value in teaming up with us at virtually no cost to your dealership,” concludes Dan. To learn more about DP Ball Advertising or to get help with your marketing, call us anytime local at 440-285-8164.


Custom Website Development

DP Ball offers complete website design and development for RV dealerships. Our websites are search engine optimized (SEO), feature bold, engaging graphics, and drive traffic to your dealership. Through the use of direct reponse marketing we generate results for you bringing visitors to your website, and customers through your door. We offer web design solutions that allow you to put your inventory online, giving your customers what they are looking for - RVs!

Website Marketing

Building a website simply isn't enough of a marketing effort to bring the type of traffic that will increase your bottom line. You must use this space to market your products and services. Websites are the perfect venue for direct response marketing. Your audience has arrived on your site. Now you must make them a benefit rich offer that will compel them to pick up the phone, ask questions in an email, sign up for your newsletter, click on your online accessories store or schedule service. We can help with strong and compelling headlines, attention grabbing graphics and more. We understand the RV consumer and what it takes to get them to your site, through your site, and through your door.

Internet Marketing Services

From search engine optimization to social media marketing and pay per click campaigns, DP Ball Advertising can assist your RV dealership in developing the necessary elements for a successful RV dealership specific, internet marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization

At DP Ball Advertising we understand the importance of building your website in a search engine friendly manner. We don't guess at keyword terms that can enhance your website ranking. We have monitored the keyword searches of over 120 RV dealer websites, reviewing hundreds of thousands of keyword search terms that RV consumers use to reach websites when they are looking for RVs, parts, accessories, sales events, specific units and features. We can assess your website needs with confidence, which is something other ad agencies and marketing firms without RV industry experience as extensive as ours can claim. We can implement search engine copywriting that gets results, without being a carbon copy of other dealerships out there. Don't compete for visitors without being set apart from other dealerships when it comes to organic search. We can help your business rank exceedingly well in Google, Bing and Yahoo with content marketing and search engine know how.

Would you rather have traffic searching for "motorhomes" or traffic searching for "Winnebago View Motorhome" or "Four Winds Class C Motorhome"?
Who do you think is ready to buy?

You have to get your thinking right when it comes to website traffic. When asked, most dealers would love to be in position #1 in Google for "motorhomes" or "rvs". This is wrong thinking. You need to be on page one for your products, your services, your manufacturers, your models. Seek out people who know what they are looking for. These are the consumers who are most likely ready to buy. Traffic for traffic's sake won't bring the leads you desire. Target your consumer by giving them the content they are searching for, and you will see the results with emails, phone calls and foot traffic. Then you can do what you do best . . . sell RVs.

Content Marketing

From bold graphics, attention grabbing headlines and great images, to video walkthroughs, slideshows and useful tips, the nature of the web is the same as it was 20 years ago. Information or content is what people are seeking. The technologies and presentation may change, but the premise remains that content is king. Blogs, social media and email marketing can help you put your company in the forefront. Information about your company, the RV lifestyle, your products -- the benefits and important information RVers desire, help give your company an edge. It also establishes confidence in doing business with your RV dealership. Defining your audience and establishing a plan regarding what they need and want is key to successful inbound and outbound content marketing strategies. We can help.

Specialty Websites - Microsites

Dealers nationwide are experiencing great success with the targeted website brochure and event website program from DP Ball advertising. These manufacturer/model specific, and sales event specific websites bring visitors who know what they are looking for and are ready to buy.

Microsites can help your company through humor, useful information such as recipes, tips, travel information and much more. These sites have a tendency to go viral, changing perceptions and engaging prospective customers with new information.

Specialty sites are built with content marketing in mind to gain specific traffic. They rank well, and rank along side your own website in the search results giving your customers more options in search, but all roads lead to your dealership. Incorporating a targeted pay per click advertising campaign along with specialty sites increases your chances of a click through to your site and establishes your authority within the marketplace for your specific products and services.

 microsite search results