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What Makes DP Ball the Best Choice in
RV Advertising and Marketing?

DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has spent 33 years serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing. Founded in 1984 by Daniel P Ball, the company has served RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada, offering consultation, direct response advertising campaigns, media planning and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues as well as creative services and website development.

Increase your bottom line

Real Results!

Look Beyond the Numbers to See the Effectiveness of Your Marketing, Reflected in the Bottom Line Sales Results!

target your trafficREAL PLANNING

A well thought out, orchestrated and executed marketing and advertising program will deliver you the greatest return on your advertising dollars.

target your trafficREAL ADVERTISING

Large traffic numbers, impressions and click-throughs appear statistically impressive, but do not necessarily mean you are maximizing your advertising dollars. We can help you allocate a balanced advertising spend that reaches ALL of your potential customers in your market, not merely a portion of them.

target your trafficREAL RESULTS

Don't let statistics and numbers sway you into allocating the majority of your advertising budget into one area that doesn't produce results. Support your website with the most effective traditional marketing/advertising program possible. And make sure the dollars you are putting into digital marketing are performing at the highest level possible.

Ready to plan for 2017? we can orchestrate a schedule that will keep customers coming all year!


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Who Sees Your TV Ads?

DP Ball Advertising has been creating and executing RV sales events successfully for over 30 years. Some of our clients have been with us for decades!

Dealers today hire one person to handle all of their internet marketing and rely on TV, radio and print for creative. Their message fails to stand out, and it shows in their results. My team has from 4 years to over 33 years of experience working in the RV industry, while I personally handle media buying and oversee all professional production. Every project initiates from my desk. Combine that with 33 years of experience and you realize the value in teaming up with us at virtually no cost to your dealership,” concludes Dan. To learn more about DP Ball Advertising or to get help with your marketing, call us anytime local at 440-285-8164.


RV Dealership Advertising that WORKS!

Why Use an Experienced RV Industry Advertising Agency?

Rick Osburn speaks about DP Ball Advertising. We have been working together for over 30 years.Give us a call and you too can discover what “pay-off-now” advertising can do for your dealership! 440-285-8164.

Strong, Aggressive, Benefit Rich Messages that Compel the RV Consumer to Action is a Proven Formula for Increasing RV Sales! Let Us Partner with You to Show You How Your Advertising Dollars Can "Pay-Off-Now"!

The trend today is to hire one person to handle all of a small businesses internet marketing and rely on TV, radio and print for creative. As a result, the message fails to stand out, and it shows in their results. Don't waste your advertising dollars, spending without a return on your investment. Let us help you!

DP Ball is Still Working With These Dealers, After Helping Them Flourish Through Sluggish Years. Let Us Help You have a strong finish for 2016 and Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

Leland Waggoner


DP Ball Advertising is proud to announce our 27th year working with Chilhowee RV, helping them reach the RV consumer with a consistent message that produces real results. Chilhowee RV will be celebrating their 50th year in business in 2015, meeting the RV sales and service needs of recreation vehicle enthusiasts in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas. Maintaining a balanced, consistent schedule of traditional and internet marketing is key to steady growth. Working with an agency who is not only familiar with your industry, but your target market gives you a distinct advantage. “When you find something that works, you stick with it,” says Leland Waggoner, owner “and Chilhowee RV has found an agency that works for us.”

Leland Waggoner
President, Chilhowee RV


Dana Drake


The efficiency and customer service that DP Ball Advertising delivers is absolutely the best anyone could ask for. The response time, turnaround time, and attending to our every need instantaneously, and far exceeds our expectations. This superior customer service beats all others, regardless of the industry.

If all of our reps. and suppliers were half as attentive and responsive, it would make everything that much more efficient. The marketing and advertising knowledge and professionalism that DP. Ball Advertising provides us has been very effective. We have been working together for years, and look forward to a very long and successful relationship together. 

Dana Drake  
General Manager, Dick Gore's RV World


Steve Bell


I am as conservative and skeptical as they come when it comes good quality and effective marketing and advertising practices. For years I've been keeping an eye on the progress, success and longevity that D.P. Ball Advertising has had with so many RV Dealers throughout the country, so I thought it was time to join up with them and give them a try.

After the first half of 2010, business has been great. We are emerging from the recent economic downturn with more sales than I thought possible. I give credit to DP Ball advertising for our new-found success.

The marketing and advertising DP Ball Advertising has provided has been superb and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship together.
We are also very grateful D.P. Ball Advertising only represents one RV Dealer in each market area throughout the country.

Steve Bell
Owner, Bell Camper Sales

Randy Bowling


 Dan thanks for the great service over the last couple of years. Thanks to D.P. Ball Advertising our retail business has grown over 20 percent this year. We are having great success with all of our on lot shows! Your expertise in the advertising field has really helped to get us dialed in on the market. We appreciate all that you have done for us and look forward to working with you in the future.

Randy Bowling
Bowling RVs

Walter Hynes


As president of the NJRVDA, we contracted Dan Ball of D.P. Ball Advertising to handle all of the marketing and advertising for the Fall Sales Event we hosted at the First Energy Stadium this year. The event was a huge success, generating over 8,000 customers and selling loads of RV's. As an association, we saved thousands of dollars with securing the facility ourselves, and by hiring D.P. Ball Advertising to handle all of the advertising.

Walter Hynes
Scott Motor Coach, NJ

Mark Meyer


We were looking for powerful, results-driven advertising messages. After in-depth research, we concluded D.P. Ball Advertising delivered the best advertising available — it's that simple.

Mark Meyer
Mark's Leisure Time Marine, NY

Dave Kobos


We have been in the RV business and a RV dealer for decades. We have utilized D.P. Ball Advertising services for over 16 years now, and wish we would have found them sooner, so we could have worked with them since we opened our doors. D.P. Ball Advertising have provided us with the most effective advertising we have ever experienced. I can tell you that I am a very hard-nosed businessman when it comes to spending a dollar, so it is imperative to us that we receive the best results form the advertising to ensure that we will make the sales.

No institutional advertising for us, just the results advertising that D.P. Ball Advertising has provided us all these years. I would not ever consider using anyone else to handle our advertising. I have tried a lot of different advertisers before D.P. Ball Advertising took over, and nobody even came close to delivering the results that they provide us. Keep up the good work Dan, and we look forward to a long and successful working relationship together.

Marlin Ingram
Marlin Ingram RV Center

Greg Renker


I have turned to Dan Ball for marketing input and ideas since we first started Guthy-Renker 20 years ago. Now we're doing almost $2-billion a year, and I still seek Dan out for advice. He is a student of advertising, a master at selling, and has a keen eye for persuasion techniques and methods…

Greg Renker

Brad Scott


We were all amazed at the results we experienced!

We teamed up with D. P. Ball Advertising and Dan orchestrated an advertising program for the entire year. Even though we experienced unforeseen events throughout the year, we stayed on course and followed the plan all the way through the year. It really paid off.

We naturally continued our relationship with D. P. Ball Advertising and have continued to increase sales.

I am looking forward to many more years of record breaking sales!

Brad Scott
Scott Motor Coach Sales

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